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Meet Jenny

Hi! I'm Jenny Tiner, owner and founder of The Windy Kitty! Life for me is being a cat advocate, artist, mom and I can generally be found chasing her next dream that supports saving lives. I was that quirky little girl begging for the unwanted animals at the pet store as wee one, stopping traffic to help armadillos (TX days) cross the road as a teen or scooping up any lost animal as an adult. Saving lives is in my DNA.  I'm a woman on a mission to do good in the world and trying to do my part to keep any animal from being euthanized. Currently I'm working on bringing the first Chicago Kitten Nursery to life and started Vegans to the Rescue, a 501(c)(3) that makes yummies to fund animal welfare organizations.


I started working in official capacity by volunteering with ALIVE Rescue but moved on to start my own place to save cats. I started off with bottle babies and rogue rescuing. Trial by fire, right? ;) After fostering cats and bottle babies I needed to do more, I needed to bring a cat café to Chicago.  I didn't have a dime to my name but had a dream... and here we are. I had to do my best to save cats from the streets, get them out of shelters where they can be in danger of euthanasia, foster them in the most loving way my team and I can and make way for them to find their furrever home. 

I didn't reinvent the wheel

Upon a trip to Edinburgh in November 2016 I walked past a little place with kitties playing with people, looking out the window wantonly and another snuggled up sleeping away and HAD TO KNOW what this place was. Turns out it was a cat cafe, Maisson de Moggy! After a few weeks I realized I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and took a dive into all things cat cafe'ish.


To learn more, I traveled to a cat cafe in Manhattan, Brooklyn, another in Columbus, OH and attended Cat Camp NYC. I realized she had to do this, it's all I could talk or think about. Who doesn’t want to SAVE LIVES through fostering and adoption or by doing yoga with cats, watching movies with former shelter cats all around, or just simply coming in to play with or comfort them!? This place HAD TO HAPPEN. 

Creating The Windy Kitty 

I lived and breathed cat cafe research starting in January 2017 with her invaluable partner David Rotter and  daughter, Olivia Tiner until it was reality. Our doors opened on December 18, 2017.  Though two cat cafes, first Purrfect Roast in July and then The Catcade in August, came along before TWK. I strive to make The Windy Kitty a place that stands out as a place of community and a place to turn for cat care/rescue guidance.  No gimmicks, no frills, just a lot of cats in a place with all the ingredients one needs to relax or adopt. I insist this be a place that all feel they belong and feel like they are in a second home, it was after all built off of public support and contributions. Iam forever grateful for that. See you soon!

The Windy Kitty Team!

This is the crew that makes The Windy Kitty the bomb! 

Sara-Cat Care Associate

Sara started out as a volunteer and has been here since day one! She's got two kitties of her own, impeccable taste in food and if your kitty needs a bath, she is your person! Her work ethic is second to none! She adopted Kirby!

Jessica-Cat Care Coordinator/Operations Manager!

This woman keeps this place in order and has more experience in cat advocacy than all of us combined! She has been here since shortly after we opened and it didn't take long to see she is the bees knees. She is a fearless leader, master at diplomacy and integrity is her middle name.  No, you can't have her ;)

Amy-Cat Care Associate

Amy has been with us for about a year and thank gawd! In her former life she was Mary Poppins. She keeps this place tip-top and so clean. She has adopted McMuffin and Ashton, is a lover of Chonky cats and pugs and she is the person we can all rely on day after day. Her love for the cats runs deep!

Paul-Cat Care Associate

Paul has also been here for quite a while! He is the source of levity for all of us. Always ready to work, always kind and so patient with the shy cats. He adopted Yani, is one of three staff members devoted to the Chicago  theater scene and is about as loyal as they come.

Kierstan-Cat Care Associate

Kierstan has been with us for the shortest amount of time but boy, oh boy, she gets the job DONE! She has also adopted one of our cats!  She makes the best Tik-Tok videos, always has the coolest hats and we are lucky to have her So are the cats!