How can I visit The Windy Kitty?

Reservations are strongly encouraged. Please go here to reserve a time to visit. If you are interested in one of our special events please look here.

How do I get there? Is there parking?

You can drive, walk, bike, run, crawl, take the bus or train or uber/lyft it on over. ;)

For those that drive there is parking out front and you must pay the meter or you can park on the side streets that are often free. We are NOT responsible for any parking damages or tickets.

I want to make a donation. What is your 501 (c)(3) information?

The Chicago Cat Chicks thank you! Our mission is to save orphan kittens, abandoned or stray cats and mamas with kittens from euthanasia. We work almost exclusively with CACC so we can save the highest risk cats and DO NOT travel out of state to bring in cats. We have plenty in our own backyard.

Here is our official info:

Chicago Cat Chicks

Jennifer Tiner


1746 W North Ave

Chicago, IL


You can become a monthly donor by clicking below!

Can I bring my cat?

It would be so rad if we could meet every cat on the planet but, no. This is a place to come cheat on your cat, get to know a new cat if you are thinking of adopting or just come to unwind in an environment that is good for the soul, literally.

What is available to eat and drink?

There are bottled beverages and a few pre-packaged snacks. We give you what the city allows us to give guests.

What is a Cat Café?


That can vary. Click here. Simply put it is a cafe of cats.

Where is The Windy Kitty located?


1746 W North Ave, Chicago IL, 60622

Do you have free wifi?

Of course!

How do walk-ins work?

When you visit, we'll let you know if we have immediate space for a walk-in or the approximate wait time. This can be challenging so pretty please reserve your space online. We allow in a limited number of walk-ins, which are dependent on space availability. Things that can affect availability are when people don't show up to their reservation or choose to visit for only a short period.  We will not be able to accommodate large groups without a reservation. 



Can I order food from somewhere else and bring it in?

Sure! Once you are in the cafe you may order a meal from any local eatery or from our kiosk. Ask us who is fast!

Do you charge for entry?

Yes, like most cat cafes, we charge for entry. The entry fee is your way of providing a roof over the cats' heads and they thank you in snuggles and purrs.

Our fee is $18/person for one hour and applies equally to adults and kids.

What is your cancellation/tardiness policy?

It's pretty strict. Because no-shows and last-minute cancellations are taking up spots that could have been used by people on waiting lists or people turned away at the door there is no refund if you do not cancel with more than 48 hours notice. This goes for events and visits. You can reschedule but no refunds will be given as the cats livelihood depends on these funds.

Should you be late or show up for the wrong appointment time we can only allow you to stay for the time frame booked if the next hour is full. We cannot refund you if you come in on the wrong day. Additionally, we reserve the right to give your space to a walk-in if you are more than 15 minutes late. If we are at capacity we will have to rebook you. Email if you have any questions and we will be happy to explain.

Why can't I book for more than 5 people?

Groups this large or larger have proven to be upsetting to the people around them and disruptive to the cats. If you have a party larger than this you MUST book a private event. You get to have the place all to yourself for an hour without people glaring at you for being so loud and excited about all the cute kitties with your friends.