Welcome to the first kitten and cat cafe in the world!

What is Kitten Korner?

For one, who doesn't want to come in and chill out, lay down or sit with a pile of loving kittens? We don't know ;) 


 It was a dream of mine to have a kitten nursery be a part of The Windy Kitty since before I opened! Kitten Korner is phase one of the up and coming Chicago Kitten Nursery, which will be an entirely different facility in Chicago. For now, we take in kittens that are not ready for the main lounge but young enough to start being socialized so that fosters have more room for neonatal kittens. 


Kittens are the first to be euthanized in city shelters if they are still nursing. Not because people don't care but because the resources to care for them overnite just aren't there. I thought, why not become a resource so less orphan kittens die!? So here we are... In just over a year we've saved over 200 lives.


With your help we opened Kitten Korner in August 2018, just 8 months after opening our doors. Now it is a full on non-profit entity working in conjuction with The Windy Kitty and various rescues within Chicago.

 **PLEASE NOTE-WE AND OUR PARTNERS believe adopting young kittens in pairs is necessary and we do not make exceptions on this. Please read here if you want to know more. https://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/adopting-a-kitten-make-it-a-double/

Wanna contribute to saving their lives? Go here.  Kitten Korner is a 501 (c)(3) so your donation is tax deductible.

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Available days we are open! 30 min in Kitten Korner, 30 min in cat lounge Come play and help save a life!