Welcome to the first kitten nursery in Chicago!

Why a kitten nursery? It was a dream of mine to have a kitten nursery be a part of The Windy Kitty since before I opened! Kittens are the first to be euthanized in city shelters if they are still nursing. Not because people don't care but because the resources to care for them overnite just aren't there. I thought, why not become a resource so less orphan kittens die!? So here we are... In just one month we've saved over 30 lives.

With your help we opened Kitten Korner in August 2018, just 8 months after opening our doors. Thank you! Wanna volunteer? Come in and fill out an app during business hours and we'll talk.

 **PLEASE NOTE-WE AND OUR PARTNERS believe adopting young kittens in pairs is necessary and we do not make exceptions on this. Please read here if you want to know more. https://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/adopting-a-kitten-make-it-a-double/

Wanna contribute to saving their lives? Go here.  Kitten Korner is a 501 (c)(3) so your donation is tax deductible.

Reserve a spot!

Available days we are open! 30 min in the kitten nursery, 30 min in cat lounge Come play and help save a life!


Monday & Tuesday-CLOSED

Wednesday-Sunday- 12-6p



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1746 W North Ave Chicago IL, 60622

No phone available. Contact by email above.

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