Looking to adopt? Please reach out to our rescue partners listed above to see their amazing cats and kittens!
You can apply after meeting a cat you fall in love and form a bond with! Feel free to ask us any questions. Apps aren't given online unless you've been in and actually met the cat. Our cats come from Chicago Animal Care and Control by way of our rescue one of our many partners. Our partners are Friends of Chicago Animal Care And Control, Lovin Life Rescue and Precious Pets Almost Home. We are better together! Email meow@windykittychicago.com if you have any questions.
Review of Application

Once your app is in, our cat coordinator or a cat adoption specialist from one of the many rescues will reach out to you to talk! 

If you are approved, bring home your furry friend and start your life together! **PLEASE NOTE-WE AND OUR PARTNERS believe adopting young kittens in pairs is necessary and we do not make exceptions on this. Please read here if you want to know more. https://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/adopting-a-kitten-make-it-a-double/
Cat Advocacy



As cat lovers, we are committed to having the best environment for our cats for the time they are with us. The Windy Kitty acquires its cats from FCACC. We assist the rescues in their efforts to adopt out cats by getting them into a space where they are likely to meet their potential adoptive parents. Until they are adopted, we foster the cats using proceeds from café sales.


We understand the stress cats feel if forced to interact with humans on humans' terms.  It's well-known to all cat lovers that cats are independent minded creatures who dictate the terms of their companionship, and this is exactly why many of us love cats.  So as to keep café cats' stress to a minimum, our partner rescues helps us select suitable cats and we patiently integrate them into the cafe environment. No cat is forced to stay in the café if he or she is too stressed by the environment.  We reserve an area at the back of the cafe for cats to retreat to if they need a break from the attention. We also expect proper cattiquette from café patrons.




We know that the absolute ideal environment for cats is a stable home.  We increase the odds of adoption by bringing rescue cats into an interactive environment and increasing the likelihood that cats will find a permanent home with a café guest that has formed a bond with a cat. This has proven to be a quick way of finding homes for cats as thousands of cats  have been adopted at cat cafes since their inception in 2015 in the U.S. 




We will be hosting advocates from local shelters, social media and beyond. We want more people to learn about so many things. We want to teach cat CPR, teach about kitten care, TNR and more. Check our event page for events.

We at The Windy Kitty are vehemently oppose the  declawing of cats. You can find out more about the harms of this cruel practice here.


We strongly believe that everyone can be a foster parent. We have applications to be fosters for Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control available at the lounge or here. We hope you’ll consider learning more to find out how you can help save a life.